Complete and mail in the form below to register for the tournament.  Registration and payment deadline is November 2, 212. Cost is as follows: 

1 team = $75.00
2 teams = $140.00
3 teams = $200.00

Registration Form

Anatomy - Bearden
Boomiliver - Booth
Can't Judge A Powder - Booth
Crime Busters - Booth/Chamblee
Disease Detectives - Explorers
Dynamic Planet -  Bell Street
Entomology -  Booth
Experimental Design - Booth
Helicopters- Auburn, Friendship
Heredity - Fulton Science Academy
Meteorology - Dodgen
Metric Mastery - Central Middle
Robo Cross - Booth
Rocks and Minerals - Trickum
Road Scholar - Booth
Rotor Egg Drop - Elkins/Our Lady of Valley
Shock Value - Whitewater/Prattville
Simple Machines - Booth/Summerour
Solar System -  Piedmont
Sounds of Music - River Trail/WS Neal
Water Quality -  Booth
Wheeled Vehcicle - Booth/Cedar Springs
Write It Do It -  Booth

2013-2014 Events
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Georgia Science Olympiad Website
National Science Olympiad Website
Early Morning Events (8:30, 9:30, 10:30) - Click Here
Write It Do it - pencils
Solar System - 2 two-sided companion guide
Disease Detectives - 1 two-sided companion guide, calculators (nonprogammable)
Crime Busters - goggles, spot plates, scooper, pH paper, magnets, hand lenses,
                                microscope slides and cover slips, tweezers, paper towels, 1 two-sided
                                companion guide
Experimental Design - goggles, timepiece, ruler, calculator
Entomology - 1 two-sided companion guide, 1 commercially published resource, hand lens
Meteorology - 1 two-sided companion guide, calculators
Road Scholar - protractor, ruler, USGS Map Symbol Sheet, calculator, notes, reference                                                  materials, other measuring devices
Water Quality - goggles, 1 two-sided companion guide, 1 student built hydrometer, calculators
Simple Machines - single pre-made device that fits into a 100cmx100cmx50cm box , tools,
calculators, three-ring binder, impound

Late Morning/Afternoon Events (11:30, 12:30, 1:30) - Click Here

Dyanamic Planet - 4 two-sided companion guides, calculators (nonprogrammable)
Can't Judge A Powder - goggles, small containers for mixing (spot plates), scooper, pH paper, hand                                                lenses, beral pipettes, conductivity tester, paper towels
Rocks and Minerals - 1 magnifying glass, 1 field guide, 1 three-ring binder (no loose pages)
Anatomy - 1 two sided companion guide
Metric Mastery - Calculator for Part Two only
Shock Value - three-ring binder, calculators,multimeters
Heredity - 1 two-sided companion guide, calculators

Engineering Events (9:00-2:00) - Click Here
Boomilever - Goggles, Boomilever, 10 minutes for setup and testing, no impound
Helicopters - up to 2 helicopters, 8 minute time period, flight log, no impound
Robo Cross - 1 robot that fits in a 30cmx30cmx30cm cube, 3 minutes to move items, no impound
Wheeled Vehicle - goggles, vehicle not to exceed 30cm in length, event time of 8 minutes for 2 runs,
Rotor Egg Drop - egg drop that fits into a 51cmx51cmx51cm cube, only one drop, impound
Sounds of Music - 1 bass and 1 treble instrument, score of both music pieces, music stands will be                                       provided